Season 3D

Into the HR


OUPM is now evolving from a mobile and retro gaming company to leverage new technologies. AI and VR are embedding their way into gaming, but how does HR react? Can HR evolve too? Maybe OUPM can react to the new tech by enabling the it for the organization too? Does it work? We shall see…


Here are the characters in HR Data Doodles!


Co-CEO and Chief Developer

Nathan’s dream is to create games that everyone loves. Maybe the next game will be the best. How do you keep beating the best? By being the best!


Co-CEO & Co-Chief Designer

Juno loves the company they have help build. It’s a lifelong dream to design the most beautiful games with their brothers. When you look at the games, they scream Juno’s design and the games are amazing!


Co-CEO & Co-Chief Designer

Emmett fits in so well with Juno and Nathan that he believes they were always meant to work together. The games from OU and PM have come together beautifully due to Emmett’s leadership.



When not working, Karin loves being outdoors. She works a lot, but loves her cats and her family, as long as they are not North of 14th Street.



Nathan loves to use HR and culture as a way to create the best company possible. His brilliant mind and compassion make him the right person to steer the operations of the company forward.



Funny, Smart, Glass-half-full, constantly full of excitement and energy. She loves the company and working with HR, but wants them to be more strategic.


Compensation Director

Lisa loves the world of Compensation and how she can tell managers a story from how their data looks on a spreadsheet.


Chief Sales Officer

LOVES Analytics, frustrated with HR not giving her what she needs to be “successful”.


Chief Marketing Officer

Mean, but smart. Knows her stuff but doesn’t give HR the benefit of the doubt.


Chief Data Officer

Runs Data Governance and Data Quality operations. “Data” should be his middle name.


QA Manager

Shawn loves OUPM and his love for the games makes him a huge asset to the company. Also, he provides a ton of inspiration to the developers and designers.


HR Analyst

He provides more than comic relief, when not in pajamas, Teddy is the lifeblood of the company.


HR Analyst

When they first see them together EVERYONE says… “OMG There are two of them!” Ethan loves data, almost as much as Teddy.

La Shonda

Accounting Manager

Numbers are LaShonda’s happy place. That and helping HR understand the value and role of analytics for the business.


Architect - OUPM

John loves to make things and continues to do that in the world of OUPM. Now, with time under his belt and some incredible ideas, he is happy he has found a home here.


AI Bot, HR

As a new “resource,” Charlie is going to be helping OUPM in new and unanticipated ways. It will shock her, HR and the entire business.



Steve loves the technology world and has been a CIO before, but never in the exciting world of gaming.


Director HRIS/Payroll

Fernando joins OUPM to help make sense of the new HRIS and ensure accuracy and implement controls on the HR data that OUPM are swimming in.



Another friend of David’s, Andrea comes to OUPM to help build the next generation of games.  She always finds the best person for a role, by understanding the context for the hire.


VR Product Manager

Vikas loves working on the latest tech. Games are his second passion… his family is #1.


VR Project Leader

Julie is excited to be “wrangling cats” in the VR development team to get something accomplished in a new world… gaming.


VR Developer

Sam loves solving problems. The VR games are his next big puzzle. When not at his desk, Sam is coaching his kids’ soccer games.


VR Spatial Expert

Lila loves finding patterns in spatial relationships. She is so excited to work for OUPM after playing their games for years.


VR Industry Expert

Developing VR products is his forté. John’s love for tech is almost boundless, though he is interested in understanding HR and how it drives the business.


General Counsel

Jane loves solving business problems by involving all there sources she can. That means the she deals with HR and enjoys the challenges of the shifting landscape of HR regulations.

Pat Pendig

HR Analyst - OUPM

Pat is excited to come to work at OUPM again and is hoping for a lot less drama than the last time.



IBE was an incredible part of OUPM, but believes that she needs to move on. She will be missed, but her impact will be felt forever.


Chairperson of the Board

Cassandra is proud that the trio has done so many wonderful things since she “retired.” Her legacy continues with the culture and style that employees love.


Board Member

Linda is also very proud of the trio. They took the company in a direction that would never have occurred to her and that makes her even more proud.


Board Member

Liz loves that Emmett has made such an incredible difference to so much. Pride oozes out of her whenever she hears news from OUPM.



Steve has caused great impact and now works on his tan on Cape Cod. OUPM owes their existence to his ideas and they are thankful.



David loves consulting with clients as it gives him a thrill to see companies succeed through people analytics and using HR Technology to solve business problems.



Dino enjoys working with David to design cool new ways of leveraging HR Tech to solve business problems. Geeks, the both of them!!!


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